17 February 2012


We got back day before yesterday and it feels weird. It didn't feel like we left at all. For a second I thought the trip didn't happen and that it was all just a dream. But I feel very awake every time I check my bank account. The trip wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be though. So always travel in groups. :)

I'm still post processing the product photos I took for my two CCO hauls. In the mean time, check out the preview.

And if you're wondering what a 'CCO' is, check this entry I've written a few months back. :) 

13 February 2012

so I randomly ended up here

Yesterday, I woke up rather late and decided to have late lunch with my husband and two of our friends at this Italian place called Bella Casa. Everything was fine and normal until we decided to just take a spontaneous road trip. We all wanted to go some place warm and thought we should go to Florida, but then that would mean 17 hours of driving. Then there was Atlanta, breweries in Tennessee, winter weather in New York, and my impossible Napa Valley escape. But then we all had to be somewhat realistic so we ended up in good, old Washington, DC.

We got here last night, a little after 2 in the morning. We're staying somewhere near the Georgetown neighborhood and I like it. I've never stayed in DC and haven't been in an actual city in so long. The next few days should be fun.

Oh, and we decided to hit up an outlet today and my first stop was the Cosmetics Company Outlet and got a few things. I shall write about it in a few.

Wish me luck -- we're walking a lot tomorrow.

10 February 2012

snow day

Today was a heavy snow day. I was pretty much over with winter and I was getting ready to dress a little springy today when I stepped out and realized it was a little colder than usual. The weather here has been so confusing lately -- cold, gloomy, and windy then totally warm and sunny. As we were driving up to the city, it began snowing. And all I could do was cringe -- I wasn't dressed warm at all.

Anyway, I thought we should go get a few stuff (which I will write about soon) and watch a movie. We decided to see The Vow. I'm not so sure if I like it, but all I can say is: I could have waited for it to come out on DVD.

But today was fun, nevertheless.

Oh, and I stopped by a Goodwill in the city but walked out empty handed. My husband thought that it was a very small Goodwill. I didn't think so, I guess I was just not as lucky as I used to be when looking for dirt cheap nice items.

I'll be back tomorrow.

06 February 2012

mentally constipated

I feel blah. Last night I had to drive my husband to the ER because he ate something weird. I would love to write something, but I can't seem to get my thoughts together. Maybe I'll make myself busy by taking care of him, but he's asleep most of the time. I hope he gets well soon.

02 February 2012

here comes the sun

Been gloomy and icky over here for a few weeks and I was happy to actually see the sun today until a little after five. So I thought my friend Jolie and I should shoot a little bit. I've never really done these before, but I had fun shooting today. I hated the cold wind though.
I felt awkward for the most part. Plus the cold wind was making me and my friend shiver pretty bad.
(Sheer tunic - Community Thrift Store, vintage cheetah belt buckle - flea market, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, envelope clutch - Salvation Army, mom's gold chain bracelet)

I picked up the vintage cheetah belt from an old lady at the flea market. She sold it to me for two dollars. I thought it looks neat, so I thought I should get it. You have no idea how in love I am with it. Best two dollar investment, ever.
These photos are all from my friend Jolie, you should all meet him soon. Okay, I'll get back to watching Across the Universe. I hope I see the sun tomorrow.

Jim Sturgess, can I keep you? 

01 February 2012

thrift lucky

Been thrifting lately and have been getting lucky with stuff I find. I got a good amount of things off my local thrift stores and I'm just so giddy about it. I also visited a big Goodwill in the city when I went there once last week to work on something. I didn't get too lucky over there, but still scored some cool things, which I will write about shortly. I haven't taken photos of them yet since most of them are in the wash.

(leather boots - Community Thrift Store, envelope clutch - Salvation Army, dress - Salvation Army)

I was very excited when I spotted these boots earlier at the thrift store. I thought they resembled the Dr. Martens boots that I wanted for so long, only these are skinnier. It was a perfect fit, and I was quite surprised since I never really find shoes that fit me when I go thrifting. It feels as if these were rarely worn though because they feel stiff. Looks like I still have to break them in, but that's not so bad for $2.00. As for the clutch, I picked up because I thought I could use for a DIY project. I'm thinking of studding it. Or not. And lastly, that dress is four sizes bigger and I've already taken out the shoulder pads. It fits loosely, and I think I kinda like it like that. Honestly, I liked the buttons on it, so I thought, why not? 
It has a few scratches on it, but I don't mind it at all. It would need a little cleaning before I can totally wear it out, and I might even change the laces. I think I'm going to be in love with these boots. Oh, and the brand is BackTrails, and I've never heard of it. But nonetheless, these are still lovely.
I tried to get a close-up detail on the buttons of the dress, but I fail. 
Lastly, I got these travel books for 99¢ each at Salvation Army. I have been on a hunt for these kinds of books since I'm trying to plan a little Euro trip to go visit friends. 

More photos and hauls to come. 
I hope I find the strength to actually go take pictures of it. I have been lazy, and I've been working really hard on it. 

30 January 2012


Today I found out one of my closest friends already left the state. I feel so sad, I was hoping we'd get to have more time together.

And tomorrow, and the day after that, there's more people leaving. I hate goodbyes, I've never been good at it. And that's why sometimes I don't want to say my hi's and hello's to new people because there's always a goodbye somewhere down the road.

Here's to hoping we'll see each other again. I'll miss you all, thanks for giving me an awesome 2011. Last year would have been devastating if I hadn't had the chance to spend it with y'all. Last year was when I needed people to talk to as I made one of the biggest decisions in my life. Thanks for the memories.

Til we meet again.

Photo from my Instagram: @thrillamaria