16 January 2011


Some consider the number 13 a lucky number, but a lot may say it's unlucky. Sadly for me though, I'm quite leaning on the latter. Last Thursday, which was the thirteenth day of the month, I almost thought it was Friday the 13th since things in my workplace wasn't going well at all. I work in a hotel and I'm a cook in the kitchen. The whole line went down so that meant that the fridges and cold boxes were not working. I had to plate up approximately 35 salad plates within an hour and a half, including my preps for lunch. It was pretty intense and I thought that was the end of it, but then throughout the day there has been arguments and my coworkers cannot seem to get their stuff done.

Sounds cliche but hey, it's all the hype from movies like Friday the 13th. I loved all the installments of it, though I could only vaguely remember every part of it. I guess that day was a very unlucky one, but gladly I was able to learn something from it. No matter what day it is, there could be something that would go wrong so it would be best to be prepared for anything at all times. Hopefully nothing bad happened on the other side of the globe. :)

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