13 August 2011

bits and bobs

Finally got my hands on those gorgeous Jessica Simpson Dany heels. I've been looking all over the internet for it but most of them were priced at $100 or more. I was skeptical about that, so I assumed I'll find it somewhere, even if they've been long gone from the aisles of shoes at department stores.

So one day, as I was walking around the clearance section at my Macy's (CA), I found it! But it was a size 10, I tried it but it really is a size too big. The lady there was nice enough to look for a size 9 at other Macy's branches and I got lucky in Sarasota, FL. :) So I called up the Macy's in Sarasota and ordered it right away. It was $49.99 at CA, but only $34.99 at FL. Weird, but hey, good deal!

And that camera, I snagged at one of my favorite antique stores here in WV for 25 bucks. Not bad for a 1959 camera. I loaded a roll of film in it and we'll see if this baby works.

What awesome deals did you get lately?

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