05 August 2011

just a thought

Last year, when I actually had time to sit in front of the telly, I happen to watch a show called Teen Mom. It's basically a reality show on MTV and they follow the lives of young girls who got knocked up. Most of them are very young and I just can't believe that they would show something like this in national TV. I mean, come on, I know these things really happen but is there really a dire need to show it to a bunch of people? I think majority of MTV's viewers are young people and it disappoints me that they have to see this. I am not trying to hate on MTV or the creators of the show, I guess I just hate the thought of this show being accessed easily just by anyone.

In my opinion, people could react in two ways: it's either they do the good, or God forbid, the bad. Maybe the creators of the show wanted this to be an eye opener for teens out there, but if you could remember a few years back, there were groups of teenage girls who swore they had to be pregnant in highschool (or something to that effect), and some thought that having a baby bump was cool. Heck, I think that's just crazy.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that girls (and guys) need to be educated about things like these. They need to know what really happens when you get pregnant, the immorality of abortion, and the reality of having to support a baby. I am not saying that Teen Moms could be a bad influence, but the way teens think these days (with the peer pressure and all), you can't really tell what's good and bad anymore. I think parents and school teachers have to exert extra effort to reiterate the importance of safe practices and the responsibilities of being a parent.

Sure, shows like these get ridiculous amounts of views and ratings, but what if we try and make something a little more inspirational? What about the people who succeeded? People who graduated from college under 21? I don't know, I just think that's a little more sensible to watch. I mean, as a teenager or a person in school, wouldn't you want to learn how people made it happen? Wouldn't you want to succeed in life as well? If there's a reality TV show about that, I would definitely watch it. I get a little turned off with what's on the telly lately since there's so much reality TV shows out there that don't really make sense (not saying all of them are) and that's why I don't find myself sitting on the couch all day with the telly on. I like learning something from shows I watch, I like being inspired to do something better with my life, or to make myself a better person.

Okay, this is rather a lengthy rant. I'm not sure if I made my point, but hey, I just felt like I needed to say something. Thoughts?

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