27 January 2012


So yesterday, my husband and I went "mudding" and "two tracking" along with our friends. Before I met my husband, these activities were not in my vocabulary. I didn't even know such terms even existed! Ever since we moved to the mountainous part of West Virginia, we've been a little more in touch with nature (how cheesy) than before.

So we took two trucks to go explore Kate's Mountain. I've only been there once, and it's got a spectacular view! It's not cool though if you get carsick or have phobia with heights. So mudding was pretty interesting, I just get paranoid about sliding, getting stuck and mud seeping through the doors of the truck. Luckily, none of those happened!

So now I am working on putting all the videos I took and hopefully I get to do that soon because well, I have been pretty lazy (see previous post about me being lazy).

Oh, and I didn't bother bringing my camera with me because I was too worried about its safety (aka mud getting in the truck). Okay, I'm rambling too much.

Forgive the poor quality of these photos. They were taken with iPhone, without sunlight.

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