02 February 2012

here comes the sun

Been gloomy and icky over here for a few weeks and I was happy to actually see the sun today until a little after five. So I thought my friend Jolie and I should shoot a little bit. I've never really done these before, but I had fun shooting today. I hated the cold wind though.
I felt awkward for the most part. Plus the cold wind was making me and my friend shiver pretty bad.
(Sheer tunic - Community Thrift Store, vintage cheetah belt buckle - flea market, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, envelope clutch - Salvation Army, mom's gold chain bracelet)

I picked up the vintage cheetah belt from an old lady at the flea market. She sold it to me for two dollars. I thought it looks neat, so I thought I should get it. You have no idea how in love I am with it. Best two dollar investment, ever.
These photos are all from my friend Jolie, you should all meet him soon. Okay, I'll get back to watching Across the Universe. I hope I see the sun tomorrow.

Jim Sturgess, can I keep you? 


  1. Beautiful photos! :) I can just say that I LOVE your style, it's so elegant and expressive! :) Best wishes from Germany

  2. you are very beautiful
    love your outfit and I adore your hair!

  3. wow you look stunning!
    love the shoes (:

    1. Thank you! I got those shoes for a very good deal :)