18 January 2011

Because Asian is the shizniiit.

So yesterday, my boyfriend and I drove about two hours to the repair shop to pick up my camera. Alongside the trip, I've decided to go Asian grocery shopping because it's so hard to find legit Asian stuff in my town. I totally jumped when I found some real nori and even a bamboo sushi mat! And lots of ramen selections! I went to three Asian/Oriental groceries and wanted to eat at the only Korean restaurant in the city but sadly, they're closed every Mondays. Even the hookah bar is. :|

But, on the plus side, I finally got my camera after two months of waiting and I got to stock my cupboard with awesome Asian stuff. Now I won't be so homesick :)

After running errands around the city, we both decided to go to a bookstore called Books-A-Million and yes, it seemed like they had tons of books! We spent three hours browsing through aisles and aisles of books and it seemed to be never ending! I picked up a few books to read and I shall write a review when I'm done reading them. My best buy was probably the Official Price Guide to Dolls since I'm into doll collecting and it helps find the values for the dolls I already own and about to buy. I hope you guys had a great Monday!:)

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