23 January 2011


Ever came across this term? Whenever I hear or read it, Ginger Snaps (the movie) comes to mind like instantly. It's one of my favorite movies! Lycanthropy means having the power or ability to transform into a werewolf. Think Remus Lupin! Anyway, this movie is about two girls obsessed about death and struggling through their teenage years. What I like about this movie though is it's unpredictable and quite original. I first saw it when I was probably a sophomore in high school and my Dad introduced this film to me. He just picked it up and thought I'd find it interesting, and he got it right!

The intro to the film is my favorite part because of their suicide stills and I find it artistic, how two fictional teenage girls could find original ways of suicidal acts! And this is a tale of sisters trying their best to be outsiders and not part of cliques or stardom in high school. Lovely, lovely film!

On the flip side, the movie is like a metaphor to how teens could change into different individuals, hence the transformation to a werewolf. In addition, it is like teen angst -- wolves tend to be wild when unleashed and some teens these days lean towards to being wild once freed. In other words, unstoppable. There are so many ways to express this movie and these are my opinions about it. Definitely a must-see movie!

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