31 January 2011

I like my meat medium rare, thank you.

Last Monday was date night for my boyfriend and I and we decided to walk around Lewisburg. Amazingly, a coworker told me that Lewisburg is number three out of a hundred places to visit before you die. Interesting! We weren't planning on anything formal or lavish for that day so we just decided to go to a couple bookstores, wine shops, and antique stores. Then Will decided to take me to General Lewis Inn. Relax, they have an on-site restaurant.

It wasn't too formal, though the setting made it seem so. The server was very polite and casual and did not make us feel intimidated at all, or.. under dressed! I ordered their lamb chops with wild rice while Will opted for their angel hair with scallops. The salad wasn't too special, it was just field greens with a side of your desired dressing. Plus, they have a great wine selection! I ordered a glass of white zinfandel and Will got the cabernet sauvignon :)

The lamb was very good, cooked perfectly and full of flavor. It came with some mint jelly and my wild rice was amazing! I was savoring every bite and kept hoping that my meal would not come to an end. Will's pasta was delectable too, and the scallops tasted so fresh, he couldn't stop eating it! He even confessed that he's never had scallops before and was a little bit skeptical about eating it. But altogether we enjoyed our dinner. That was $70 well spent!

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