02 February 2011

Donde esta biblioteca?

I just found a new interesting place in my sleepy town -- the public library! There were times when I hesitated to walk in and look around. On my day off though, I finally stepped in and took a good look around the small library. I was surprised at the complexity of choices in there! They had graphic novels, series novels, encyclopedias (that you can borrow!), and sale books (for only a quarter, what a steal!). I decided to get a library card and rented Chocolat (Joanne Harris) and Have a Little Faith (Mitch Albom). Will got four Star Wars books for only a buck then rented a couple Star Wars books too.

And today I was let out early at work so Will and I decided to hit the thrift stores to go look for some books and we were in luck! I got three paperbacks and a magazine for less than three bucks and they were almost brand new! So I learned to never disregard little thrift shops here and there because I found books I've been wanting to read for so long but never really bought because books get pricey. :|

Sadly for Will, we found zilch Star Wars installments, but hooray for me! And since today's blog post is about books, I thought that bookmarks would be a necessity. So I found a way to utilize some of my decorative clothing tags from clothes I've recently purchased! I just hooked a ribbon through the hole, tied a bow and it made a nice bookmark! *I'm really trying to go green :P

I hope that helped you utilize your clothing tags! :)  

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