28 March 2011

District of Columbia!

Finally, after a long wait, Will and I finally had the time (and money) to drive to DC. It was a mere four hour drive from WSS. It was completely random though, since we didn't really plan on going! We left at 4 am, and even brought Jack with us. I don't think he liked the drive though.
 Getting through the bad traffic. But the traffic within the city is worse!
 It was so dark and gloomy that day. We picked the wrong day to visit! :(
 Civil War oil on canvas painting. Will bought a print of the exact same artwork for his dad.
 See! What's considered as sexy before are women that are not paper thin. I meant, anorexic. :)
 Eve and the forbidden fruit (which really looks like an apple)
 Smithsonian courtyard
 buying souvenirs

It was a fun day, except the building where we parked the car got a little bit of a fire incident! We couldn't get in because cops won't let us and there were firetrucks everywhere! DC is beautiful, and I could definitely say that a day visit is NOT ENOUGH! We didn't even get to see a lot of places since the Smithsonian took most of our time!

And if you're planning a trip to DC, make sure you're wearing comfortable foot wear because there's a lot of walking! The traffic is just pretty bad, I don't think you'd bother driving anyway. And be wrapped up when you go during winter!

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