30 April 2011

collective haul (SG, HK, JP)

Ever since I got back from the States up to this day, I haven't yet unpacked fully. I think partly because I am lazy and that I didn't really want to leave WSS. But Mom gave me the stuff she got me for when she went to NZ, Oz, Macau, Japan, and HK. Majority of the haul are from HK and Macau though since she got me some makeup. That gave me the drive to fix my traincase!
 L-R: ParaDo liquid foundation, Bella Il Fiore palette, Anna Sui Flight of Fancy, ParaDo electric brow shaver and eyebrow pencil, Benefit foundation faker, Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic, Benefit Beauty Wonderland.
 This is actually included in the Beauty Wonderland set :)
 The Beauty Wonderland set comes with the foundation faker, sugarbomb, and bad gal lash.
 This set comes with that gal primer, eye brightener, lemon-aid, and erase paste.
 Mom later told me that ParaDo is one of Japan's drugstore makeup. Mom got mine at a 7-11 store. (Sorry for the blurry photo.)
 Mom also got me a huge bottle of my favorite perfume -- Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui :)
 And my traincase looks happy :)

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