22 April 2011

Good Friday

It has become a yearly family tradition to go to a church to practice the stations of the cross every good friday. So this year, mom decided to bring all of us at Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan. It was probably a two hour drive, sans traffic jam in the metro. And as expected, it was crowded and hot but that never stops us from doing what we do every year. We lit candles, did the station of the cross, and visited the little museum they had dedicated to Pope John Paul and other Polish saints.

After we had lunch at my aunt's resort then headed over to Cutud, Pampanga where the crucifixion is still being reenacted. On our way there, we saw men, faces covered, whipping their backs until they bled. I was told that this long lived tradition has become some people's way of repentance, and the same goes for people who go through the crucifixion. Traffic jam was terrible on the way to the site of crucifixion. I was pretty shocked to see police officers and even military men there because despite of their presence (and they were in uniform), the traffic was still unbearable. I mean, seriously, this crucifixion happens every year, how come none of these "officers" can do anything about it? It would have been a wonderful place to go to every year, sans traffic.
punk is not dead. hehe.

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