03 April 2011


Doesn't it suck how you manage to become friends with so many people and just wake up one day and find out you had to go already? Seasonal work really sucks, but I guess it taught me a lot of things, especially living overseas alone, and trying to survive out there by my own means. My internship was so much fun, I'd like to do it again and again. Drapers is probably the best place I ever worked at where people are just simply nice and we try our best to work with each other and produce good food. It's sad how this has come to an end. To people of Drapers, you will all be greatly missed.

 with Chefs Lynette and Greg
 a fraction of the BIG Draper's family
 going away presents from Chef Lynette
 and three roses in my favorite color!

This made my heart sad and happy at the same time.

I appreciate everything! From the hardships and the rewarding feelings! Push yourself! Ho-tel!

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