04 April 2011


Will and I decided to go out of the house so Jack could get some exercise so he could build muscle and strength on his right leg. Jack recently got into a car accident so we want him to start walking and running around the courtyard. I'm just glad that the day was not being so sucky. :) Hello, spring!

 Jack and his buddy Bailey

 Hello, Sunshine!

Later that day I decided to get a pedicure and a full set of acrylic nails at LJ Nail Salon in Lewisburg. After contemplating for probably hours if I should get acrylics, I finally went for it. I am pretty satisfied since it doesn't limit me to do things. I can still actually do the things I usually do. And now that I'm taking some time off the kitchen, I can have the long nails of my dreams! I've seen my mom do this all the time so I decided that it won't hurt to try it. Nevertheless, I'm really happy about it :)

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