18 April 2011

spring farewells

It's so sad that I had to leave WSS right when spring just hit town. :( i feel bummed right now because I miss the feeling of wind blowing on my face while the sun shines. While I only feel the scorching hot sun over here in the Philippines.
The flowers started to bloom and they looked so pretty!!!!

I had a fun shoot with my girls Cui and Nics two days before I flew to LA. It was really lovely outside because the weather finally decided to cooperate with us. I wish I had more shoots with them, but I had to start packing right the next day. And I just realized what a big hassle it is to pack my makeup in different baggies. Lesson learned: don't cram pack :))

Yeah, so I got crazy with labeling and packing my makeup because I wanted to protect my investment well! As seen in photo above, I packed all the liquids to avoid messes (just in case the nastiest thing that could happen actually happens!). I wish there are no regulations with makeup when taking 14-hour flights overseas. It would have been a stress-free packing experience! Haha!

So yeah, I miss WSS too much, I know I have to go back. Can't wait for August! :)

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