20 April 2011

i never thought i could do this

It feels so awesome and quite rewarding how I survived my first time riding a Greyhound Bus. It wasn't that bad at all. My cousin couldn't take me to Vegas to visit my grandma so I was left without a choice: use public transportation. I've always had fear of using public transportation because where I come from, there's a possibility of getting held up or pick pocketed. Plus I never really learned how to take jeepneys or buses so I was quite naive. But then I thought, if I could go all the way to a different country alone, why the hell won't I be able to take a 4 hour bus ride to Vegas? Haha it was a little bit stressful at first, but it was quite fun in the end! 

When you ride a Greyhound:
  1. make sure you get to the station on time, if not early.
  2. bring a sandwich or a snack.
  3. and a bottle of water, or just something to drink.
  4. ask a personnel which door to enter when you have transfers. 
  5. try and find a good seat, preferably window for a scenic tour!
  6. find a nice/harmless looking person to sit next to if you can't find unoccupied seats :))
  7. bring a book or something that would entertain you.
  8. never, ever look like you're a rich kid.
  9. don't forget your ticket (if you printed yours at home!)
  10. have fun!

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