12 May 2011

bento hunt

Today I went out with my friend Erika just to get out of the house and catch up. We had coffee, ate lunch and wandered around the mall when I came across the store called Daiso. Erika then told me that it's a Japanese chain store, but is not connected to the actual Daiso Japan. I can't believe they sell everything in there for only 88 pesos! I freaked because I was on a bento box and paraphernalia hunt and they had a lot! I also went to Saizen where I got most of the bento-making materials and then checked out Japan Home Center (where I didn't buy anything, they had a lot of kitchen supplies though.)

 I think there was a city ordinance passed in Alabang: no plastic bags. I like how Daiso used Japanese newspapers:)
 Some of these bentos, I have seen online and they are all supposed to come with chopsticks in the top tier. But I think the sellers here took the chopsticks away, repackaged them and sold them separately. Luckily though, they were not able to repackage the yellow two-tier bento so that came with the chopsticks:)
 Chopsticks + Case, nori punches, whale and rabbit aluminum foils
 Close up detail on the foils.
 Assorted floral chopsticks, sauce bottles, and bento liners.
 Molds for onigiri, sushi, and hard-boiled eggs.
 Felt bento belts and onigiri case/mold.
 Believe it or not, this My Melody aluminum foil is the most expensive item I got. It was priced at Php 199.75 ($4 US) at Sanrio/Gift Gate. Nevertheless, I am pretty satisfied since it's soooooo cute!

I did a little more research about bento stuff in the Philippines (I didn't buy in the States, they seem overpriced) and learned about Little Tokyo, which I will visit soon. If you know of any store that carries these merchandise, feel free to let me know :)

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