21 May 2011

 I found my new favorite beverage, Bundaberg's Ginger Beer!
 Aegean salad with cottage cheese, bleu cheese, and a grilled pear!
 My usual order at any sit down restaurant (that's if they have it on the menu): lamb chops :)
If you're wondering, I spent almost half of my day over at Marcia Adams, a garden restaurant located in Alfonso, Cavite. Not only the garden and unique ornaments make this restaurant quite interesting, but also its Mediterranean themed menu. I had the chance to personally converse with the owner, Marcia and she was very hospitable and accommodating. 

First she explained to us how her menu is constructed, along with the courses it comes with. She then would take our order, and march on to her kitchen to prepare our meal. I love how she is very approachable and how she likes to get to know her guests. She and her husband gave us a warm welcome when we got to the dining area. I also love how this restaurant gives you a homey vibe. It may be an upscale restaurant, but you won't have the pressure to act all crisp and poised. She even has a lounge at the back of the dining area where you can put your feet up and relax after a great, hearty meal.

Dining here was definitely a nice experience. Marcia tells me how passionate she is about cooking and gave me tips and advices that would help my career as a future chef. I'm glad and honored to have met a fantastic cook like her! Someday, I would love to open my own restaurant and be able to communicate and personally get to know my guests as I make their meals. :)

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