06 June 2011

another year.

So my much dreaded birthday still came, and sadly, I turned twenty. Which means two things: I'm no longer a teenager, and I'm stuck in between. I'm in that "phase" where I feel like I don't fit in any category. :| And no, I don't think I can call this midlife crisis.

Anyway, I woke up rather early since I had to run errands around the metro in the morning and have lunch with mom and my brother. My mother brought us to Yakimix -- it's a mix between different Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to name a few. Each table would have its own grill, where you can cook your meat to your own liking. Plus, it's a buffet too, so you can keep getting meat whenever you run out. It was around ten bucks for each person and that is ridiculously cheap for some good buffet!:)

 Obligatory "self-portrait" aka FOTD. Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I watch waaaaay to much makeup videos on YouTube and I pretend that I'm a makeup guru when no one's looking! Sssh, don't tell on me now :)

 Me and my awesome mom! Doesn't she look gorgeous?
 My banchan plate!

After the lunch, I got dropped off at my old dorm where I hung out with a couple of friends. Then we had dinner at Marciano's. It's a pretty good Italian restaurant, it was my first time to eat there. I've passed by it a zillion times before but never really bothered to walk in and try their food. Now I hate myself!

On a side note, I'd like to share my thoughts on being twenty. First off, a few minutes before the clock reminded me it's nearing midnight, I was a little sad because I'll no longer be a teenager anymore. Not being a teenage girl isn't really a bad thing, I guess I just had a little meltdown, realizing I am getting old and it is completely inevitable. But hey, another year older, another year wiser, right? Well, I believe in that. I feel like I get so much stronger, wiser, and more independent each year. So I would like to look at that as a blessing. Another thing - I feel like I am "in between." You know, like when you turn 18, you're allowed to drink, smoke and get into clubs (over in my country) and you're definitely allowed to go to jail. But when you're 20, you're barely allowed to enter clubs (in the US) unless it's an underage club (not saying I love going to clubs, just saying.) and you're allowed to drink and purchase alcohol and definitely not allowed to date someone younger than 18, and most importantly, I am not yet allowed in a casino (Okay, Indian casinos up in MI are an exception, I meant Vegas!) and that sucks because I love poker! Okay, I'm really not getting to my point here. Haha what I mean is that I'm like stuck in between. I'm old enough to go to jail, but not really old enough for everything. I'm not in a hurry, I guess I'm just frustrated that some of the jobs I've applied for won't accept me for being under 21. :( Oh well, I'm gonna stop rambling because I really can't get into the point. :|

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