22 July 2011

Off to the wild, wild west we go.

A little country, some cowboys, a little Native American, and some Asian action. Spent the day in the hot, sunny ghost town of Calico. This preserved part of history is nestled amidst the hilly deserts of Yermo, CA. It used to be big on silver mining back in 1881, but when silver lost its value, Calico lost its population too. It's fascinating to be able to see this part of history. And I like how people were dressed up to make us feel like we're back in time.

The sun was up high, it was very hot -- very dehydrating. I had to borrow grandma's oversized hat to keep my head covered. I walked into a little store that specializes in making leather goods and horse saddles and found a black paisley print bandana that were handmade by the owner. It was a good buy, I guess for six bucks. Overall, it was a fun time with my brother and cousins. If you like the West, this may be worth seeing.

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