23 May 2011


In a couple weeks or so, I'm turning durrrty twenty, and I'm not exactly thrilled about that. I'm getting old! But on to positivity, I'd like to think I'd actually get some of the stuff I want this year :)

So here's the wishlist:

1. Hello Kitty two tier bento I saw at Gift Gate (preferably pink)
2. A nice maxi dress.
3. Tea cups! (Victorian style, in pink, green, or white with damask details)
4. Gift certificates to any of the following: Friday's, Outback, Italianni's, Tony Roma's, and Starbucks
5. Lunch or dinner at Antonio's.
6. A new set of acrylic nails at CANS
8. A pot of MAC studio finish concealer (I'm NW25)
9. MAC contour brush (MAC 109 or 168 would do)
10. Vanilla Sunshine cupcakes from Sonja's
11. Hawaiian barbecue from Hula-Hula (Westgate, Alabang)
12. Circle Lenses! (L -4.25 R -3.75)
13. Flipflops (Just not Havaianas, I'm size 9.5-10)
14. For books, please refer to this entry.
15. Makeup (I take drugstore brands too hehe)
16. A big bag of Ruffles (Original) or Lays (JalapeƱo)
17. Baking supplies
18. Kitchen supplies
19. Black Sanita clogs from Santis (I wear size 41)
20. Any bento stuff :)

1. Trip to Japan
2. Pocket money for the said trip
3. A MacBook Pro with Apple Care
4. 2TB External hard drive
5. A job at the French Laundry or Joel Robuchon
6. Have the Dalton Warblers perform in my house
7. Casino money to play poker with
8. A private jet
9. A Dodge Challenger/Charger
10. Old School Ford 'Stang
11. Sony digi cam (my SLR is getting too bulky to carry around casually)
12. All expense paid schooling at CIA (Hyde park, NY)

In line with my positivity, I've put up two kinds of lists. One for things I'm thinking I could get for my birthday and the other for things that will stay in my wishlist for the next, I don't know, four years? So yes, I hope this gives everyone ample time to pick something up for me.

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, you don't have to get me anything, a simple greeting would be nice! :)

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