13 February 2012

so I randomly ended up here

Yesterday, I woke up rather late and decided to have late lunch with my husband and two of our friends at this Italian place called Bella Casa. Everything was fine and normal until we decided to just take a spontaneous road trip. We all wanted to go some place warm and thought we should go to Florida, but then that would mean 17 hours of driving. Then there was Atlanta, breweries in Tennessee, winter weather in New York, and my impossible Napa Valley escape. But then we all had to be somewhat realistic so we ended up in good, old Washington, DC.

We got here last night, a little after 2 in the morning. We're staying somewhere near the Georgetown neighborhood and I like it. I've never stayed in DC and haven't been in an actual city in so long. The next few days should be fun.

Oh, and we decided to hit up an outlet today and my first stop was the Cosmetics Company Outlet and got a few things. I shall write about it in a few.

Wish me luck -- we're walking a lot tomorrow.

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